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A good point to doing a PhD is definitely the travelling you get to do (especially if you have a supervisor who supports you and is interested in sending you to conferences and in working with other people). Luckily I have one of these supervisors ;). So far I have been to a workshop in Ljubljana, Slovenia, where I attended two workshops: One on the use of GC-MS to analyse small quantities of mixed organic materials by a research group from Pisa, Italy. The second workshop on the next day was on the use of NIR/Chemometrics in Cultural Heritage (which is something which I will use quite a bit in my PhD).

But this is not the only research-related trip for this year. Around the beginning of March my supervisor asked me if I would be interested in going to do some work in Pisa (with the research group I attended a workshop by in Ljubljana). I immediately said yes, both as I like travelling, but also as I knew that there I could get work done which would be difficult to do in London on my own. So my supervisor started some correspondence with this research group, and luckily they accepted to host me :). I then I applied for a grant through COST, “an intergovernmental framework for European Cooperation in Science and Technology” by the end of March. Beginning of April I received back that I was accepted for a grant through this programme…and Voila’! I’ll be in Pisa for the month of May!

I arrived in Pisa last weekend, and will be here till the 1st of June. So far I am really enjoying myself, and the work seems to be happening (it is still the first two days, but at least we are working on something). I am so glad for this opportunity. Will let you know how it goes!

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