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Around a year ago I had mentioned that we had started research meetings in the department. I haven’t mentioned them since, but this is not because they have been forgotten. Far from that! The research meetings are still being held once a month during the winter months (the June meeting is planned as a visit outside the department and then we stop for summer). The research group is constantly growing larger, with two PhD students and a researcher joining the group since the last time I wrote about these meetings, so the group is definitely growing.

So what happens during these meetings? There are generally two sections to the meetings, which may proceed in any order depending on the day.

One section consists of everyone giving a brief update of what they have done since the last meeting. This keeps everyone up-to-date and in a way also allows everyone to give some input on each other’s work if this is required.

The other section, which is normally the meeting’s main reason, is a presentation by someone in the group. The presentations can take a number of forms. First of all, when a new person joins the group, they normally give a short presentation about their planned work to introduce the rest of the group to their project. This helps everyone to know what is going out while a the same time allowing people to think about how their project might interact with the new person’s and what help may be offered. When no new people have joined (which is the norm), one of the group presents the work they have been doing over the past few months in more detail. This may be done either to ask for input from the group about some issue they are having problems with, or to prepare for an upcoming presentation, or just to keep the group up to date.

The last research meeting was held last Thursday. It started off with the new PhD student giving a short introduction to her project (she only joined last week so she will give her main introductory presentation next month), followed with an update by each of us. Then Dr Irina Spulber updated us all on her experiments and her results. As her background is electrical engineering it is not that similar to mine, but I still find her work interesting. Particularly I found her presentation so engaging…she managed to make her work accessible to all…I’m particularly jealous of that skill as I know that I am not always successful in that. Hopefully practice makes perfect!

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  1. leomosh says:

    IT is nice to read a blog about a PHD in UCL. Congratulations for your nice and interesting blog.. I am also writting one about my PHD, but well I guess I have just focused on my trips ! :p Anyway thanks for the inspiration !

  2. […] I have written about in previous posts, the centre I am based in organises monthly research meetings during the ‘academic year’ months. It has however become a sort of tradition that the […]

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