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Graphical Representation

Recently I have been having some issues with how to present my data and how much of it to present.

I am always inclined to insert graphs wherever possible. To me graphs represent an easy way to at a glance get a quick idea of the overall trends being discussed. However, it seems like this love of graphs rests mainly with scientists. However, doing research in an interdisciplinary field means that often I am not presenting my work to scientists, but to people from the arts & humanities. This means that my background and that of my audience is quite different.

So far it is proving to be a quite steep learning curve to figure out how to adapt what I say for a specific audience. I feel like I am definitely getting better (and this I hope is the reason I was chosen to be a NOISEmaker – that during the interview I managed to get my point across in an accessible way). However, there is still some way to go. I realise that the only way to improve is to learn more about the issues and also get more practice under my belt.

Today this article on bad ways of graphically representing your work. It made me think about how other people might react to the different graphs and images I have been using in my presentations. Are they serving their purpose? Or do I insert them just to fill in some space? And how much is my love of graphs and graphical representation of ideas in my presentations hindering my explanations rather than helping them along?

Love Graph?

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