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NOISEmakers – an Introductory Meeting

As I wrote in a previous post, earlier this year I got accepted onto the EPSRC NOISEmaker‘s programme. Yesterday was the introductory meeting so I eagerly went off to meet the others and learn more about what will happen in the coming year.

First up was a small lunch over which all us NOISEmakers got to know each other better and just in general chatted along. This was then followed by a short presentation about what will be happening in the coming months. They told us about the workshops on podcasting, writing, media training etc they are preparing and I can’t wait to start learning more about these different opportunities! There is also the possibility to attend a number of science festivals and other events. So it looks like it will be a good time (and the other people in the programme are nice – so looking forward to seeing them around!)

The last part of the meeting was a presentation by Alok Jha, a science journalist at the Guardian.He spoke to us about how science journalism works. He also presented the point of view of the journalist when it comes to working with scientists, and their needs, to make us aware of how things often work out. It is of course always interesting to put yourself in the other person’s shoes so quite a useful presentation.

End of the meeting then meant a trip down to the pub! There the head of public engagement of UCL met up with three out of four (out of twelve) of the new NOISEmakers from UCL and we had a bit of a chat (and a drink). I must admit he is highly entertaining – so looking forward to what comes out of that! The UCL NOISEmakers look like a very nice bunch, as are all the others, so on to our NOISEmaking!

PS: I also learnt that there were more than/around 60 applicants for the programme and only 12 got chosen – WOW – I’m impressed by myself 🙂

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  1. Cecilia says:

    YEAH!!! go sis

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