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As I wrote in the last post, there were more things in the pipeline for me at the Cheltenham Science Festival. What is this? Well, UCL Communications contacted all the bursary winners asking if any of us would be interested in writing about their experience at the festival on a blog they were setting up. Seeing as I would blog anyways, and this would be a good way of reaching a greater audience, I immediately accepted.

The festival is this week so finally the UCL Cheltenham blog is up and running. Do keep an eye on it in the coming week. I have my first post, an introduction to me, already up. Will keep the blog updated as I go along. Hope you enjoy it!

Besides that, other news about the science festival is that, just in case I wasn’t already busy, I now also have tickets for one more event at the festival: Lasers on Sunday.

This weekend should be good!


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  1. […] the event for the UCL events blog (which is what the Cheltenham Science Festival blog I had written for evolved into). However, I think that sending the lecture series ‘on tour’ was a great […]

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