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Cheltenham Science Festival: The Aftermath

I am now back in London and starting to recover from the festival. As I have commented before, this was my first science festival. And I was definitely impressed!

I had a really hectic time of it, what with seeing around 20 shows in 3 days and one evening, going through the interactive displays in the discovery zone, and just soaking up the atmosphere. However, on top of that I was also writing about the festival for the UCL website.

I won’t repost everything here, but will just gently nudge you towards my posts on that blog. Do go check it out and let me know what you think!

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  1. […] also a science show organised once a day that, after the great experience of science shows at the Cheltenham Science Festival, I wanted to experience. Even though the 30 minute show was conducted in Danish, I found I could […]

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