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The Maltese Connection

UCL is listed as having more than 21,000 students and more than 8,000 staff. Of these a significant amount are non-UK students. And of course, Maltese citizens are not lacking either. I already know a couple of Maltese people from my own department. However, earlier this week I was contacted by another Maltese person.

Following my writing on the UCL blog about Cheltenham Science Festival I received an e-mail from a Maltese lecturerfrom the chemistry department. He had read my posts and decided to write to say hi.

From this first e-mail we then ended up meeting for coffee later on last week. I had already heard about him from a number of individuals, including past professors of mine, so I was looking forward to meeting up with him.

I really enjoyed the meeting. It was really good to meet up with someone new, and to discuss PhD’s, chemistry, universities and other general issues. Doing this in Maltese, and being able to discuss about Maltese issues was even better! So if there are any other Maltese UCL’ers out there, do get in contact. Meeting up for a coffee would be nice!

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