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Valuing Photographs

Today I had a meeting at TNA, as project partners in my PhD regarding the issue of values and heritage. It was my first meeting there with a group of people besides my supervisors. Besides the discussion being very useful for my research, it was also highly enlightening to observe how topics are discussed within the institution. In particular I feel I gained a lot due to the way they question things, challenge each other’s ideas and are in general up for really thinking an issue through.

In light of that, one of the meeting participants, following the meeting where we discussed so much about photographs, particularly colour photographs, sent us all this comic. I thought it was hilarious! So here are Calvin and Hobbes discussing photographs!

If you’re interested here are a few resources about heritage values you can look through:

Assessing the Values of Cultural Heritage (The Getty Conservation Institute, Los Angeles)

Values and Heritage Conservation (The Getty Conservation Institute, Los Angeles)

Significance 2.0 (Collections Council of Australia Ltd)

Representation and Intervention: The Symbiotic relationship of conservation and value (Taylor, J. and Cassar, M.)

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