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Updating my Research Profile

I am quite aware that constantly maintaining an updated research profile is essential. This is especially so as any research project is constantly evolving, meaning that new research tracks arise, and events are attended.

Recently I worked on updating my profile on my departmental web page. Up to now the text on the page had been written at the start of the project. However, now, I have included more details on the project, its aims, as well as highlighting some of the main achievements so far. This more clearly indicates to anyone coming across my profile how the project is progressing and also maybe about how we might work together in some aspect.

Having updated the departmental profile, I also decided to update my profile on this blog. To the right you should be now able to see a new Research Biography section. There you can read more about my publications and presentations so far. I plan to include workshops, conferences and research visits I have been involved in soon. If there is anything else you would like to see included do let me know though!

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