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I like to think that I am already ‘in’ science to some extent or another. However, when I received information about a careers in science week organised by the UCL Careers service I pinpointed two events of interest to me.

The event which caught my eye at first was the Careers in Science Forum. This was divided into two parts: a panel discussion and a networking event. In the first half scientists in a variety of jobs, from research to patent attorneys, public sector to publishing, briefly talked about what they do and how they got there. The discussion was then opened to the floor for questions. In the networking half of the event, representatives from a wide variety of relevant organisations were present and eager to discuss what is on offer within their organisations.

The event overall was very well organised and a good eye-opener to other possible careers. Of course, a more research-focussed job is what I am essentially training to do. However, in particular, this event reminded me of the possibility of working in the publishing side of science. I really do think that this is something I should keep in mind.

The other event I attended was a workshop on CVs in the Science Sector. Of course, whatever I go on to do, a CV is one thing I will definitely need. I am sure that any CV can always do with some help, and this one hour sessions served its purpose of highlighting things I should edit in mine, and others which I should keep. Well worth the hour I think!


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  1. Did u get any freebies? Pens, markers etc

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