My Path Through Research

The Trials and Triumphs of Doing a PhD


I am Ann Fenech, a research student at University College London. I decided to start this blog to chronicle the pathway through my PhD. I hope this blog will serve as a way for me to communicate what I am doing to others, and as a way of connecting to others interested in the field. Hopefully it will also be useful to other students thinking about doing a PhD, maybe showing them more of what it entails, and allowing them to enter with a clearer idea of what their life for the next few years would be like.


2 Responses

  1. AagePK says:

    This is absolutely interesting, not because I intend to make a PhD, thoug.
    But having been born in Schleswig, and baptised in Schloss Gottorp, when the chapel was church for the danish minority, I inhaled the fumes of the center of conversation in that fantastic museum right from the start of my life. As an historian my father was rather involved in making the results of the archeologists and conservators known to the danish public by books and articles, which again lead me to teach history in danish schools.
    So I have tagged you, and will certainly keep an eye on these pages.

  2. annmucc says:

    Hi Aage,

    Glad you find it interesting! Looking forward to your comments, be it about my work or about the Danes!

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