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Since my tuition fees are paid by a UK research council scholarship, this means I need to take 20 credits (the equivalent of 10 days) of courses. No this is not such a difficult thing to do, since there are a wide variety of courses available, and you can also get credits for attending workshops, presenting papers etc. So far this year I have already got 14 credits (and I should easily get the remaining 6 if the things that are being planned go as wanted). So far I have taken courses on library skills, Intellectual property rights, experimental design, and also got some credits from two workshops I attended in Ljubljana in November.

Another thing I was interested in learning more about was MATLAB. I had attended a ‘DIY with MATLAB for the Computer-Shy Scientist‘ course. However, I think the course was much too geared for someone who is totally computer-shy (I’m not exactly so) than on learning the capabilities of MATLAB, so by the end of the two sessions, I found that I didn’t learn much about what I can do with MATLAB (or not as much as I was hoping for).

The course I had wanted to take originally was however called ‘Introduction to MATLAB‘, but so far it hasn’t been available. FINALLY today registration for the course has been possible. I am not signed up for this course :). Not sure if I’ll use MATLAB, but it may come in useful, so why not take some time to learn a bit about it and it’s capabilities? Looking forward to starting 🙂 (though people have told me it can be quite stressful!) We’ll see 🙂

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